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This journal is semi-friends locked. Entries are for my friends list only. Comment to be added and I'll be sure you add you!

To anyone who knows anything about me

Knows that I've always friend locked my entries. The post below this isn't me. I'm keeping it up as proof that someone has tried forcing themselves into my life the best way they know how and that's by impersonating me. For two seconds I was even fooled. However, there are quite a couple differences.

I haven't used Japanese in my entries like that since freshman year of high school.

Btw the Oniko deal. lol... Everyone knows. Everyone did before I got hacked. However, anyone who knows anything knows that I've been trying to keep things like that on the downlow out of respect for Oni and myself... I would never woe about it immaturely in that way. Yes my feelings exist and yes they're one sided; HOWEVER I'm Oni's friend first and foremost and I'm fully satisfied with that and that alone. I would never be as ungrateful as I am in that entry below.

Home life wise. I'd never be as bipolar. When things are bad they are bad. Nothing more. Nothing less. I'm not going to try to blur the truth in that matter.

Just clearing things up. -smiles- Thanks for your understanding and I apologise wholely on my part for the mass of confusion on a lot of my pages. -shakes head-  Someone apparently hates me enough to waste their time prying into my life and has been trying to expose things that are already pubicly known but not really talked about..lol...silly children.


So life has been a boat load of stress month after month -_____-; It's been so frustrating lately, I don't even know how to respond to all the mess lately. I've been working my ass off in school especially, but that's not good enough, for anybody it seems. It's such a hassle, the commute, the work everything... I feel like just curling up under my warm blankets. But, I must work to fulfill my dreams ne? I'll get there, through all this bloodshed and tears! I will prosper, that is a promise! So life is still the same in this household. I mean what can I say? I am just but a burden with my family :/ No matter what I do to try to please them, it doesn't work. I will never be a good enough daughter for them. That just makes me shed more tears, but what can I do? All there is to do is to try to pick myself up and do better for myself!

So on another note, she has been in my head for so long... and I'm getting nowhere with her it seems. Nothing will ever happen sadly :/ Oh what can I do? What is really frustrating is that she totally led me on to begin with. It's like she wrapped me around her finger and here I am intertwined in her game. I don't know what to do anymore, I can never be with her. No matter how much I try to impress her, no matter how much I wish for us to be... that day will never come. But it's not fair, it's absolutely unfair! T___T But what is a girl supposed to do? I'm really trying to move past all this, but I just long for her touch... oh Oni.....

Time to wrap this up, the coming months is going to be a lot of hard work. I'm pulling up my sleeves and getting ready for all of this. Till next time you guys! ^__^ I'll keep my head up for the time being. Arigatoo Gozaimasu~~~~

My day has been made. I'm probably the happiest fangirl alive. I'm not shitting you. The first thing I did was watch the Opening and Endings... The opening is absolutely gorgeous is performed by the infamous J-Rock band the Gazette, which at first was the only reason for watching the anime at all. It had to be good if the Gazette was investing it's time and money into Kuroshitsuji. The ending was really breath taking and caught my eye instantly not only because of the star of the Kuroshitsuji musical Yuya Matsushita (he plays Sebastian and it's so amazing that we're the same age, it's really amazing because he plays a role so much older than himself) sings the ending theme. What caught me was the end...at first I thought, they ran out of money, however, THEY WERE TOTALLY LYING TO US GUYS. Ciel appears in the ending and I knew some shit was going down.. 

I was totally up for watching this shit after that thinking that there was an appearance of my beloved characters. <3 Boy was I in for it. Claude is so stiff and my boyfriend's totally rooting for his character and Alois because he's so insane. The boy is completely bipolar...I can't wait for Ciel to pwn his ass. I love them both but jeez, knowing this kid, he's going to totally try to stand up towards Ciel who was THERE. <3 <3 

The appearance of Sebastian and Ciel was beautiful. Claude attacking him made me scream. I knew Ciel had to be in the case..lol...Sebbie would never run like that unless it was risking Ciel's life. Apparently, he's trying to make him come back to life? Mind, that I watched this raw. But it was absolutely gorgeous. I've been wanting horribly for Claude and Sebastian to fight. It as always a 'what-if-moment' for me. and it HAPPENED...somewhat...Sebbie pwned Claude's face with a chandelier. XDDDD It was horribly hilarious but the moment between Claude and Alois is adorable and shonen-ai-tastic. 

BUT OMFG...THE END...<3 <3 <3 <3 Sebastian basically telling Ciel to 'wake up'....married. I loved it. I screamed. I cried. I smiled. I've never fangirled so horribly in life. 

I totally thought this was going to be horrible but NO...watch it you all. It's beautiful. Yes it's not the manga but it gives me hope that Kuroshitsuji will continue and Ciel and Sebastian will live on and all. Gah....A1 Pictures how you LIE to us...xP This better be done right...
Was literally Cherry Blossom Festival but I haven't really had time to type up something because when I have been on I've been uploading pictures and I'm STILL not done uploading shit..lol..

SO I left the house with Harbin in Sheryl cosplay and met up with Liz (who was an awesome Mihoshi from Tenchi) at Bay Fair with two of her friends to head to City Hall in San Francisco for the Parade meet up. On the way there we got harassed by guys (which makes me hate humanity -_______-) and yeah..it just disturbed me that people are dumbfucks. ANYWAY so we go to city hall relieved that nobody is going to mess with us anymore and meet with with Sara and Asha...<3 and later on Meiling, Mari, Trish...and yeah it was pretty awesome stuff. So Harbin leaves to head up to J-Town to watch the parade and all. And I keep getting stopped hella for photos and what-not. And yeah I kept hating humanity because creeper photographers who take pictures without asking annoy the shit out of me so I tried to just stay in one piece and not throw my prop mic at someone.

The parade starts and it's fun. <3 I liked it a lot. I would totally do it again... Next year I probably will. It was worth the sunburn.

Anyway we get up to Japan Town and all and I meet up with Harbin and separate ways and take Liz with us to chill out at the pagoda which is insanely crowded and the crowds were..-_-;;; But -shrugs- So Liz and Harbin go to get something to drink and I get to meet Ringo from KiraKiraKira cosplay! ^^; I was glomped and all...lulz...I was flattered she remembered me and all and I totally demand a 'Fuji Battle' Aiba vs Kimeru one day!  Rwarz? I dunno it was fun and I got to meet some of her friends as well and I introduced her to everyone while we chillaxed. I can't wait until Fanime. <3 OH Harbin got me some awesome gifts. He's made it a 'project' to buy me Sephora's line of TokiDoki Make-up and manga...<3 He bought me a Sheryl photobook which made me pretty happy. I'm honored that a lot of people told me that I made an amazing Sheryl and that I looked the part. Harbin's logic was in the episode where Sheryl wrote in French on the mirror when she escaped and I have Itallian and French in me-so face-wise I look European? xD  That's his logic though! I don't think I give Sheryl enough justice.

ANYWAY so back on subject, Sara and I had entered the Talent Show to perform and all. I was extremely nervous because I had never been on stage before in my LIFE...>_< Sara had done a lot of public performances before so I was pretty much excited/nervous... So we go up on stage and I just don't see anyone or hear anything but myself which was a pretty good way to go about it because it really helped me get through it. I love performing and I'm totally doing it again. ^^; It was fun despite the rush I got but maybe that was the best part.  I don't think I gave my all but if I sing at Fanime or at the Talent Show next year I'll definately try going all out. Not sure why the hell I held back everything that I did at rehersal..even my boyfriend was shocked but he still said I did well and my 'genki' really flowed off stage and got everyone happy and that's probably the most awesome thing I had heard.

I love hyping people up. That's the most fun part.  Getting to spend time with my friends and meeting new ones I think was the best part. For once, Asha didn't seem stressed at all. Liz seemed okay after we told her she didn't need people in paticular giving her shit. Sara and I were hella genki until we ate too much..lulz...

I'm really excited for Fanime!! ARGH! I WANT MAY TO COME ALREADY!

Now I give you picture spam!

Kyun Kyun! Watashi no Kare wa Pilot! <3 Collapse )

There's the performance me and Sara did for you all too. I did Autoloopers because it included the intro and me attempting to hype up the crowd.


Yep that pretty much sums it up. lol... Man my version of Lelouch is such a dumbass. xDD BUT I LOVE HIM SOOOO! I NEED A SUZAKU TO CHEAT ON CC WITH FOR REALS!

http://bluayu.deviantart.com  http://secretninjacatpro.deviantart.com


So, this is kind of late but my excuse is that I've gotten sick and I'm working on college applications and just...yeah-this whole week has been pretty crappy. Though Harbin hinted a possible trip to J-Town next week ; just him and me. <3 yay! Him and I don't get to go to SF too often and usually the problem is when we do we make it be a huge gathering because in general, we don't like hanging out with our friends in Hayward because they're not much to do. >.>; At least that's my opinion on it. But it thrills me knowing that I'll be able to spend time with him there. We're always exploring and seeing new places. I really can't wait until I finish school and can be able to work a little bit so we can travel more and all.

Anyway to the birthday post!

So Harbin and I met up with my friend Peter at the BART and we heading over to Frisco talking about various subjects. Mainly Fanime, Visual Kei, and anime. ^^ It was pretty fun! We tried to make Peter feel like he wasn't the third wheel because we enjoyed his comany. Harbin doesn't take a liking to some of my friends a lot of the time but he told me that he was really cool with Peter because he was really down to earth and we had a lot in common and were passionate about it (things like visual kei...ect) SO good news for Peter-he doesn't have to deal with my boyfriend being moody towards him. xD

Anyway Peter had to go to the bank when we arrived at Powell and we had to drag him away from tempting clothes sales. xDD Damn that's usually me being dragged away but BLACK PEACE NOW AWAITED US DAMMIT!

So Asha was going to be late and it was going to be past noon so we agreed to have lunch and all since nobody had eaten and we were all pretty shakey once arriving in J-Town. So we went to Mifune Don and Harbin and I got the usual and Peter chose some ramen and all though I think he mentioned something about trying out some Okonomiyaki next time. :-) I've never tried it from Mifune Don and you somewhat make it yourself so if he tries it I can make a comparision between Mifune Don's and Izumiya's!

So afterward we chillaxed and waited for Asha while raiding Kinokuniya for a short time and watched people at the salon next to it be in business. xD Which lead to an interesting conversation on hair and what Peter does to his awesome badass hair and what I needed to do to mine. Man, come Christmas time I'm getting the WORKS done on my hair. Gah. Because right now my hair looks downright ugly!

So after figuring out the Sophie's Crepes wasn't open. >_>; Gah. We decided to hang out at the Pagoda and by then Asha came! Yay! She got herself some lunch (tonkatsu <3) at Nijiya and we headed to New People after buying some snacks for ourself and chilled at the lounge downstairs while we basically talked more about hair (because Asha is a super comsotologist now) and how Yuko was bad even though I'm gonna get it done anyway. LOL! And Peter fangirled over a shopgirl who quite apparently had Black Peace Now apparel on which lead us to the temptation of upstairs where we totally raid Black Peace Now's inventory. I basically became the personal stylist of awesome model Peter Chen and we picked out some clothes for him to try on while I picked something out as a birthday present from Harbin-which ended up being this GORGEOUS pair of earrings that I've wore a little bit and have got a lot of compliments on. <3 Thank you babe!

We also talked to one of the shop girls and all. ^^ Dude Peter and I are hella qualified for BPN. Fucking school. Fucking Hayward. Fucking distance. Fucking BART fare! The major obstacles holding me back! Damn! Maybe if I get accepted to SF State I can try to get a job in J-Town or something~

Anyway point is. We spazzed and totally want J-Town to be the US' s version of Harajuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara all in one!! So after getting my awesome birthday gift, we raided BTSS or Baby the Stars Shine Bright which lead to us trying on clothes and me falling IN LOVE with this one dress. x_x -nosebleed- I want much but it was 249.00 and it's never ever happening unless by some miracle I'm not poor and win something huge or something. That's like when I saw Black Peace Now Kuroshitsuji line. I was KILLED right then. Gah!

Anyway after that Peter had to leave for work so we said 'bai bai' and went to go change for the Macross Frontier Photoshoot for my photography class plus yeah-I just wanted awesome pictures anyway. SO I had two outfit changes and the first outfits for us was Ranka-chan's red Lolita outfit and the Purple Lion Era outfit for Sheryl. As soon as we stepped out we kind of sort of had attracted not only attention to ourselves but we also had a mini-fanbase. There were two people who were practicing for a con or something but started dancing to Seikan Hikou as soon as they saw us which was amazing and I <3 whomever they were!!

Then I'm not sure what came first but then a group f guys who happened to be Japanese tourist wanted a picture with us. xD It was insanely fun because not only did they naturally know what series we were from but I got to test my Japanese skills out which somewhat shocked them because I think they didn't see it coming. YAY MY JAPANESE IS COMING INTO PLAY WITHOUT ME BEING IN JAPAN!!! <3 Anway gah! I was already overwhelmed by the admiration and the fact that it was my BIRTHDAY and all of this was happening despite having a VERY VERY shitty school week so I kind of wanted to just flop and die from all of the awesomeness but I COULDN'T because then a journalist came to us wanting an interview!

-DEAD- COULD THIS GET ANY BETTER?! I was just kind of....speechless but I ended up managing to speak despite being weak to the knees from all of this day being SO MUCH LOVE! Yes. I'm caps spazzing. That is how epic it was man! So after our awesome celeb. treatment outside at the pagoda, we went inside of Miyako Mall to take some pictures since I had recently noticed that they're remodelling and just doing an amazing job with the place despite that sector being rather dead. So despite the difficulty of being able to take pictures because people kept walking by-we caught the attention of some salon peeps near by and they waved to us estatically. xD Naturally we waved back before taking amazing pictures.

After that we went inside the other mall where even MORE people wanted to take pictures. <3 Rwar~! This was fun. And then we headed over to Kinokuniya where I bought myself a Macross Frontier gashapoin Keitai and that was amusing too because the shop person had to keep from smiling because there was a Sheryl Nome cosplayer hoping to buy herself as a cell phone keychain. -laughs insanely-

Yes. By then. Harbin was exhausted from snapping picture and carrying our bags for each person that wanted a picture. And Asha and I were spazzing out and 029173917398712937192 miles an hour. XDDD

I decided to escape with them before people wanted more pictures to go and take some epic PuriKura at the newest machine at Pika Pika which was once again awesome and those pictures are probably my favorite despite the mistakes. They ALMOST beat the epic Sakura Matsuri 2010 and the 17th birthday piccies. xD But Richard and Chris' epic-ness kind of destoryed me last year as well as the awesome Lelouch poses from Matsuri. -flops-

So after that awesomeness, we went to Izumiya to have dinner which happened to be Okonomiyaki. After that we went into yet another bathroom to change into the awesome SECOND outfits which was Ranka-chan in casual wear and Sheryl in her blue outfit. SO the original place that I wanted to take pictures at was closed. Fucken Galleria. SO we had to rely on Westfield which kind of sucked because they crowd wasn't too escatic because...yeah...this wasn't Japan Town and obviously people didn't know what the fuck we were doing. -_- Some peeps were just plain out rude. -kicks them-

In all the photoshoot was good for that and we quickly changed and got some Starbucks before leaving. SO THAT'S ABOUT ALL. -flops- SO NOW...PICTURE SPAM FROM MY BIRTHDAY UNDER THE CUT!!!

Birthday/Cosplay/Celeb Encounter Photos Under the Cut! :-PCollapse )And it other news, I've totally made use out of one of Asha's awesome birthday presents and this is SPECIFICALLY....for my dear twin, Shinn... :-) We've both been waiting for this ne? xP

Hey big bro...I hear you're kidnapping back Yuuki-chan during Halloween. -grins- Stop being a meanie and come by for real! I know she loves you and all but ICHIRU LOVES YOU TOO DAMMIT! xDD Gah. Don't worry, I have some plans up my sleeve and I'd keep who you love the most pretty close to you unless you want me to kidnap a certain someone again. Okonomiyaki bribes worked pretty well last time. -evil grin- Don't worry I love you anyway no matter what happens. Just don't leave me to deal with crazy power hungry bitches I MEAN...Shizuka ever again. <_< I almost turned straight man! ALMOST!

From your little twin,


And also CONGRATS to Secret Ninja Cat Productions for their first INTRO video... I'm looking forward to Halloween! xP Geass photoshoots and skits are gonna be pretty badass ne?

Oh damn....

BoA how you KILL me so.... -dies- I HATE how the fucking digitize her voice but god damn can she dance! >.< -wants to look as pretty- Pfft.. I wish. That can't even be a "want". -amused- Point is she has a new PV out and despite the digitization, I have fallen in love with her new look and her mad dancing skills. -wants that eye make-up and jewels- *_* I really regret not seeing her when she was in SanFran...

I'm off to go write more of 'Masked Emotion' because BoA has inspired greatly tonight. x3


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